The application for the summer school is now open and closes at latest on July 10th 2017 or if the maximum number of participants is reached. Before applying for the summer school, please read the following instructions that will guide you through the registration process on EDAS.

Start your Registration

Visit to start the registration. In the first step you will be asked to fill in a title for your paper. Please use “IoTCrowd Application <First name> <Last name>” here. You are also requested to indicate if you want to present a post during the summer school. Participants without poster presentation will be not be able to earn the full 3 ECTS points for the summer school. Finally, you need to submit one paragraph describing your motivation to participate in this summer school. This paragraph will be use in the selection process for the accepted summer school participants.

Please make sure that the checkbox ‘Add yourself as author’ is enabled before proceeding. Application registration

Research Summary and Group Work Interests

The next step is to upload your research summary and your group work interests. Please us the icons indicated in the picture below to access the corresponding upload pages on EDAS.

Your research summary should be at maximum two pages long and describe your current research with respect to the topic of the summer school. Participants without a research summary will not be able to earn the full 3 ECTS points for the summer school. The document about your group work interests should be at maximum one page long and address the following questions.

  • Do you have any experience with crowdsourcing experiments, QoE studies or IoT?
  • What kind of crowdsourcing experiment or QoE study would you like to conduct?
  • What is your interest in IoT?

Application registration

Final Checks

After completing the registration process please double check that your contact information is correct and your uploaded files. Application registration